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Moving into Your Better 

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression or work stress?  Do you experience times when you feel so overwhelmed that it feels like there is no end in sight? Have you reached the end of what you can do on your own to feel better?

There is HOPE!  

Believe that Your Better is possible! Know that peace of mind and fullness of joy are available to you.  Thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world can stand in the way of peace and joy, causing sleepless nights, stress, anxiety and misery. You don't have to stay there.  We believe that you deserve to feel better and experience life more joyfully!

At Grace Counseling and Wellness, you will find compassionate, supportive care and encouragement as you move from where you are today toward the life you want to live.  

Maybe you want help navigating a major life transition or healing after the loss of a loved one, divorce, breakup or a mid-life career change.  Our counselors are here and ready to walk with you through the trials of life. 

Life is a Journey, not a Destination

Ralph Waldo Emerson