Alishia McCullough, LCMHCA

Your Healing Matters!

Welcome! Seeking out support can be scary, especially when you have been accustomed to dealing with life's ups and downs by yourself. Throughout life you may feel as if you are moving further away from the person that you want to be. This is your time to reclaim yourself and take up space in this world! It may seem radical to envision taking up space with your voice, your presence, and your body - and you are right!  Especially in a world that constantly tells you that you are not enough and that you should accept less than what you deserve. I am here to help you take those courageous steps towards honoring your voice, loving yourself, while moving towards embodying the person that you were created to be. This is your opportunity to seek out mental and emotional freedom and healing. 

I center the needs of folks who may hold a variety of identities that may go unseen in traditional therapy spaces. This is your time to finally have a space to openly process feelings of powerlessness and isolation, and to be seen, heard, and validated. I help people connect back to themselves by helping to unpack the stuff that is hard to look at and deal with alone. I help people address a myriad of concerns that contribute to feelings of sadness and worry. No concern is too small and everyone needs help at some point in their lives.

In order to increase access to therapy I provide evening appointments. I also offer teletherapy for those needing more availability. Along with treating anxiety, depression, relationship and family concerns, I specialize in treating racial trauma and eating disorders from a Health At Every Size, Anti-Oppression, and Trauma Informed Approach. Schedule your free consultation today!

Sation Konchellah, LCMHC

A Calming Presence

Hello, I am Sation Konchellah, a mental health therapist serving Burlington, Greensboro and surrounding areas.  I specialize in anxiety and stress management, relationship strengthening and vocational or work stress and life transitions.  I’m glad you’re visiting my page!  As a therapist, I help people who wish they had relief from negative thoughts and worries, relief from work and life stress, and improved relationships.  I call it an honor to help others who are experiencing some of the same struggles with anxiety, depression and overwhelm that I have.  It is my hope that,together, we will find the combination that brings you significant relief and moves you closer and closer to your better.


 I enjoy getting to know my clients and more about what their life has been like up to this point.  Through reflection, humor, care and support, we will work toward your goals. During our time together, I will employ various treatment modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindful movement, Relaxation Training and other mindfulness based treatments.  I will listen, support, encourage and guide you toward balance and improved coping to finally experience relief (restful sleep, increased joy, peace, improved relationships- whatever better looks like for you). It is my hope that you become increasingly hopeful and remember that you have already survived your worst days.


When I am not wearing my therapist hat, I am reading, hiking, practicing yoga, following my favorite shows, and spending time with friends and family.  When you're ready, I’d love to hear your story and help you move toward freedom and relief! Please click the link below to connect with me today.

Paula B. Salmon, LCMHCA

An Understanding Guide

Hi there, I’m Paula Salmon, a mental health therapist and I’m so glad you landed here. I help people who are struggling to live an authentic life due to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or because of a difficult past.


I am an understanding guide in helping you find a place where you believe in yourself and have the courage to live your best life; however you define it. I know from my own healing journey that you CAN find that voice you have been looking for and you CAN put the pieces of your life back together again.

I will meet you right where you are with no judgements because we all have a story to tell. We all have reasons for why we make certain decisions, we all have experiences that have shaped and molded who we are, and sometimes, those experiences are painful. I have found that when we have compassion for ourselves and others, we create a space for personal growth and healing. I can assist you in finding that self-love you deserve.

Aside from being a therapist, I am also certified in safe wild mushroom foraging. So, you can often find me wandering through the woods with my beloved dog, Leo. I also enjoy gardening, cooking, and crafting with my family and friends. Schedule a free consultation today. 

The good life is a process, not a state of being.  It is a direction, not a destination. 

~Carl  R. Rogers


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