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Session Types 

We offer a multitude of platforms in order to provide therapy to our clients. Whether you need an in-person session or prefer the calm scene of your own home we are available. Our online options make it easy to facilitate with groups and reduce the stress of travel. See below!

Phone Consultation (15 minutes) 

Complimentary for new clients- Free of Charge

Therapy Session

Individual Session (50 minutes)


Couples Therapy

Satisfying relationships grow where there is understanding.  Filling your relationship with honest communication, loving-kindness,  grace and willingness to work through difficulties will help you and your partner to stand the test of time.   As a certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator,  I offer premarital and couple's counseling to assess your relationship, increase awareness of strengths and stuck spots and reduce your risk for divorce while enhancing your relationship skills.  


Premarital, Couple and Relationship Counseling (60-75 minutes)


On the Phone

This consultation provides an explanation of our resources and available licensed professionals that best serve you.


Compassionate Care

Reclaim your peace of mind by working with a professional counselor.  Move toward positive change in your life and relationships. Individual sessions are available for adults and teens in a warm, inviting space.  Experience peace and clarity as you gain coping skills that increase your ability to deal with life's  stressors effectively and experience life more joyfully.


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We are here to provide the clinical supervision required to meet regulatory standards in licensure. 


Clinical Supervision for LCMHCAs


Online and Distance Counseling (50 minutes)


Maybe you have decided that you're ready to give counseling a try, but have a less than flexible schedule.  Online counseling may be a way to get the help that you are seeking outside of the office setting.  You will receive the same care and support that you would in my office from the comfort of your own home or office.  To participate in therapy virtually, you will need a computer with high speed internet connection, a web cam and a private location to meet. 


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Health Insurance may cover all or a portion of your session.  We accept Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Triad HealthCare Network (Focus Plan), Centivo, UMR  and United HealthCare/Optum and may file insurance as a courtesy to you.   As coverage varies from plan to plan and policy to policy, please contact your health insurance provider prior to your first appointment to verify coverage.   


Some questions to ask your insurance company may include:

  • Do I have mental (behavioral) health insurance benefits?

  • What is my deductible and does it apply to Individual counseling?

  • What is my financial (co-payment or co-insurance) responsibility?

  • How many sessions are covered?

  • Do I need a referral from my Primary Care Provider or pre-authorization?

Please let us know if you have insurance other than those listed here.  We can provide you with documentation to request reimbursement for Out-of Network services, if available.  Please call your insurance company to verify this benefit.